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Passion for future-oriented change through high technological innovation

  • ITS 2020 Virtual innovative technology show

    December 2020 Newsletter from Autoelex Co., Ltd“ITS 2020”(VIRTUAL INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY SHOW 2020)We are attending ‘ITS 2020’ from 9 Dec 2020 to 30 Jun 2021 through the virtual online site,[]As a ‘Excellent R&D Innovative Product’ by Public Procurement Service, Rep of Korea. 

    • Curadle
    • 20-12-28
    • 12
  • Curadle Smart incubator160-AUTOELEX CO.,LTD.

     Pets will always be by our side The best optimal incubator for loving pets, “CURADLE ICU” is the world best performance incubator for pets.“CURADLE ICU”, Smart Pet Incubator, has been certified as the medical device- the “First-Class (A-Class) Life-support equipment/System” by KCL(Korea Testing Certification). It has been exported to more than 10 countries including the medical advanced countries like USA, UK, Austria, Japan, etc. CURADLE ICU is entirely different from ot…

    • Curadle
    • 20-03-03
    • 322
  • ARIRANG TV -[SmartBiz Accelerators] AUTOELEX, digital incuba…

    [SmartBiz Accelerators] AUTOELEX, digital incubator-the largest market share in the global field  AUTOELEX AUTOELEX has manufactured digital incubator, which has taken the largest market share in the global field. Digital incubators of the company have gone through thorough quality inspections and they have been exported to a lot of overseas countries. Also, the firm has recently developed an incubator that can help fast recovery of pets and it has garnered a lot of attention among p…

    • Curadle
    • 20-02-11
    • 246
    • Curadle
    • 20-01-08
    • 273